I grew up as a photographer shooting for print. It was great training. Quality standards were high. They demanded you get things right..... in the camera....before the shutter was tripped. It was a proactive process.

I did motion blurs, image compositing, and selective softening, in the camera, on film. I shot 35mm, medium format and large format, both in the studio and on location, anywhere in the world.

I came to California to get a master's degree in documentary film from Stanford. Filmmaking also has the discipline of getting it right in the camera. Film also taught me how to create a visual narrative. After that, it was not an accident that for the next 25 years I had a career shooting stories for corporate annual reports. Some of those are in the montage across the page. Images for those Annual Reports, and my graphic design and branding clients have been recognized and awarded by the CA Photography Annual, the AR 100, the AIGA show, The Mead Show, and Print and Graphis magazines.

Today with HD video in Dslrs, I am doing video again, and am reminded of why I went to film school. I love telling stories that compel people to think and connect, stories that teach and have substance. It is the most complete and compelling storytelling medium.

I am excited about this site. There is a new, journailstic portfolio featuring my work with kids in schools. There is also a video gallery with an interview piece, a social documentary, a fun kickstarter video, and some time lapse pieces.There are interviews and articles on things I have done in photography, and there is a link to the studio stock library and gallery.

I have set out to give you many ways to get to know me. More than anything, I want you to know who I am and what it is like to work with me. It's important. After years of collaboration, like-mindedness turns out to be the most powerful path to a great working situation.

People want to be uplifted by beauty and emotion. They want to connect with something. They want stories, now more than ever, and they want them visually more than any other way. It's been that way for me from the beginning.

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